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tv   On the Money  CNBC  September 16, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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hi, everyone welcome to "on the money." i'm becky quick. the new way hackers can get to your cash now it's from your atm and the thieves are getting more and more sophisticated. lessoned learned after the tragedies of hurricane harvey and irma will florida and texas recover what's the cost to america's economy? look out, another storm is coming. the new thousand-dollar iphone would you pay that much? what do you get? this is a phone you actually need a payment plan for? cabernet from a can. bourdeaux from a box the new trend in relaxing beverages. we'll put some to a taste test "on the money" starts right now. >> this is "on the money."
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your money, your life, your future now, becky quick we begin with your privacy your personal financial data and hackers. by now you've heard about the equifax data breach where names and social security numbers of 143 million americans were exposed. we'll have more on that in just a minute first, andrea day on new risks to your atm or credit card this week's cover story is card sharks >> atm skimming is over a $2 billion problem globally. >> reporter: that cash swiped by high-tech thieves when you swipe at the atm or gas pump they use skimmers or card readers to grab the info but these aren't any ordinary skimmers. >> things are definitely getting more sophisticated. >> reporter: if you think you can spot them, think again the latest gadgets are stashed deep inside. >> it's unbelievably easy. >> reporter: security expert chris hadnagy found this for
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sale on the dark web it's as thin as a credit card. >> and it slides into the slot and down it's not even detectable. >> reporter: this one uses blue tooth so criminals just -- >> connect to the blue tooth wireless, download all the cards, act like you're pumping gas, and leave. >> reporter: another has a cell phone chip so thieves don't even have to go back to the scene to collect your data. >> it calls to a server and downloads all the numbers to a file for them to obtain. >> reporter: almost impossible to detect. but sometimes the bad guys leave clues. >> if the security tape is at all altered, that's a huge thing to walk away turn on your blue tooth when you're next to an atm or gas pump, see if you see any weird networks popping up. >> reporter: if you wind up getting skimmed, is it up to you as the consumer to make sure everything is right? >> it's absolutely up to you. >> reporter: attorney diane finguera. >> when you notice an unauthorized transaction, if you report it within two days of that unauthorized activity, then
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the bank will reimburse you for anything over $50. if you wait, if you wait for your statement to come, then the law gives you 60 days in which to report. but because you've delayed and waited, you are responsible for the first $500 of the withdrawal >> reporter: the atm industry now on alert. >> the atm operators are doing as much as they can to try to fight this it's an ongoing battle. >> reporter: and atm makers are working on ways to stop it like inserting your card sideways at least right now skimming devices can only read cards inserted the normal way. >> and that simple change has been able to defeat all static skimming devices. >> reporter: he admits that nothing is 100%. and criminals are always out there trying to defeat the latest technology. the best advice is to look for any clues thieves may have left behind like jiggling in a card slot to see if it's loose. if you can move it, don't use it always check your bank statements for "on the money," i'm andrea day. brian vecci is a security expert at veronas, helping businesses secure data against
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cyberattacks thanks for being here today. >> thank you very much >> you know, we hear about stories like this atm skimming, equifax, all this information. where does it go >> you can't catch what you can't see. either equifax wasn't watching what happened or weren't paying attention. consumers need to do the same thing. you need to monitor your transactions look when something goes wrong. >> equitax's breach is one of the largest on record. maybe not as large as the yahoo! cyber attacks last year, but much more private, sensitive information. things people can do bad things with how did it happen? >> absolutely, if this was dollars instead of data, i believe equifax would have caught it quicker and respond better. >> because it's our data, not their data, it's not their problem, it becomes my problem. >> they either weren't watching how these files were accessed, they didn't know who had access to them, the didn't know this kind of sensitive information was there, weren't preventing the long people from access, weren't paying attention on all of the above. >> you're being kind to them not only have they allowed this to happen, their response has been phenomenally awful. you can't find out for sure if you were exposed, at this point. what do you think of this
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situation? >> you have to ask, who's watching the watchers? at veronas we see this all the time, companies are dramatically underprepared, not just for these breaches, but they don't know how sensitive the information that they have is and where it is. smart companies are going to treat their files like their finances, know exactly what's happening to them. when something goes wrong, they're going to be able to take action far more quickly. >> this seems particularly ridiculous because what can people do with my information that they might get from equifax >> what's terrifying about this data is it's the keys to your financial kingdom. if they've got your name, address, social security number, driver's license number, other information that equifax had, they can walk into a bank, open a mortgage, they can change your phon number and access your e-mail. all kinds of things can happen consumers need to demand that companies really start treating data better. >> let's talk about that to this point the industry has been sort of self-regulated. congress talked about potentially getting involved, ftc is looking into an
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investigation. what should government regulators be doing at this point? >> start thinking about what could happen if this kind of data is breached this data needs to be treated like the finances inside a company, it needs to be regulated better. >> if i am a consumer who finds out that i may have been one of the people who was exposed in this attack, what do i do at this point >> i would recommend putting freezes on your credit you can call any one of the big three credit agencies. transunion, equifax, experian. >> do i need to call all three >> you need to call all three. that's the way our financial system is set up i would also make sure you put multi-factor authentication on all your accounts so when you try to logon to a bank or website, it asks you not just for your password, but also you have, like a code sent to your phone. i would do the same thing -- >> double-authentication. >> absolutely. >> have you seen issues like this before, how widespread is this >> absolutely, we do risk assessments for thousands of companies every year every time we go in we often see
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huge amounts of sensitive information just like this that's open to everybody and not being monitored. and isn't being monitored. this is going to get worse before it gets better. the smart companies are the ones getting ahead of and it monitoring their files like they do everything else. >> brian, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you very much now here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week "on the money." a record-setting week for stocks all three major indexes hitting new highs on wednesday the dow started the week with a bang, up more than 1% on monday. it was a bounce-back rally post-hurricane irma. the industrial average hit a new high thursday. then again in early trading on friday the s&p 500 and nasdaq did not and traded in a narrower range stocks close higher on friday. some signs of inflation for consumers. the consumer price index climbed 0.4% in august slightly above expectations. gas prices were up and so were rents. rising prices could mean more fed rate hikes are ahead mortgage applications hit their highest level in ten months, climbing almost 10% last week. that's in part because borrowing costs were at their lowest level
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since november analysts say the spike would have been even higher if those massive hurricanes hadn't struck the united states this month up next, we're "on the money. the impact of irma as millions struggle to rebuild their lives. what lessons can we learn from this horrific natural disaster later, ready to spend $1,000 for a smart tone that's how much apple wants for its iphone x is it worth the money? we'll take a look at check out how the stock market ended the week.
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it's been barely a week since hurricane irma slammed into the florida keys. now millions of people in cuba, the caribbean, and five states have started that painful process of rebuilding. along with the huge personal costs comes the cold, hard, economic facts surrounding the
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devastation. joining us right now is paul walsh, weather strategy and business meteorologist for ibm's global business services paul, thank you for being here today. you know, as a meteorologist, you consult with companies and you try to help them navigate weather events, hurricanes and blizzards this storm was something else. what surprised you the most about irma as you were watching it >> well, both irma and the fact that irma came just a week and a half or so after harvey. two of those kind of events, one like that in a year would be amazing. but to have two of them back to back was just -- and this word has been used a lot the last month -- unprecedented the impact, the size of these storms, the fact that they both hit highly populated areas so the odds of that happening seem fairly remote but when you have an active year and when we have more and more people living in areas that are exposed, these are the kind of things that we can probably count on seeing more of over the next 10 or 15 years.
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>> people are already starting the rebuilding process but is there a permanent impact on a place like florida? >> there's a possibility that we can see changes in terms of building codes, where people are really going to be moving because of the risks we're seeing again, it's a function of the fact that the sea levels are rising and we're seeing bigger impacts from these kind of storms because of the physical nature of the way -- of the environment now. >> you mentioned that more and more people are building in areas that we hadn't seen before we're also seeing storms that, you know, these are 100-year storms if you're talking about a 100-year storm, concerned about where people are building what would you say in terms of rebuilding in some of those areas? >> i think that there's got to be a lot of thought put into how we zone and where people should be building. i think a big part of the problem in houston, of course we had a -- i want to say a thousand-year event in houston from a rainfall perspective. but a lot of the issues there were related to the way that the
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city was built and the way that the city was laid out. so i think this is going to be a bit of a wakeup call in terms of the way that we develop our community just going forward especially along the coastal areas like that. because this was sort of a lesson in terms of what we may be seeing more of in the future. again, because there's more of us living in areas that are more exposed to potentially higher-impact storms over the next number of years. >> harvey and irma alone as you mentioned, unprecedented now jose that's been brewing off the east coast and the way it's moving has people concerned. what do you think? >> too soon to tell whether or not it's going to be a high-impact storm. but it's a reminder that we're only halfway through the hurricane season we've got a long way to go before we finally are out of the woods. katrina happened at the end of october. so the runway for these destructive storms is still pretty long. >> concerning thought. thank you very much for joining us >> thanks, becky
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up next, "on the money." apple announced a new line of phones and watches this week, including one that starts at $1,000 is it worth the money to upgrade? or should you hold out later, no need to bring a corkscrew. these to-go wines have a pop-top. it's something people stick their noses up at. but should you is canned wine just as good as the bottled kind we're going to talk about it and do a taste test. ♪
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it's been ten years since steve jobs first introduced the
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iphone in that time apple has sold 1.2 billion of them, generating more than $700 billion in revenue in 2007, a new iphone cost $500. 2017, iphone 10, $1,000. will the hefty price tag put consumers on hold? or is this something they won't be able to keep from buying, running out and buying right away joining us is ed lee, managing editor of "recode," this is a small subset of people or is this the hot new thing >> it's the hot new thing. at the same time, i think most people will probably go for the iphone 8 which is a new phone. they released two new phones at the same time. the 10, $1,000 is a lot of money. a few things are happening there. so carriers stopped doing the subsidies, so that's adding to the cost they're putting more things in there. people are using phones like computers now. if you get the 10, if you're one of those who can afford it, you'll use that and probably not use your computer. >> that's almost the cost of a new laptop. >> exactly maybe there's good value that way.
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>> what features does it have? what are the things that make it worth it in your estimation? >> first of all, everything's better and faster, higher resolution, edge to edge screen. >> meaning that the whole -- >> covers the entire -- right. the footprint, the actual physical size of the phone is not super huge but the screen size is bigger. so it makes more use. >> fit in the pocket but works as a better screen >> exactly right, higher resolution, all that stuff that's a big part of it. at the same time, it's just better, every little thing, doesn't mean it's not a massive change in terms what was the product is and it becomes like its own status symbol. >> it's a status symbol but there are people who say, $1,000, that's a lot of money, if i wait when it comes to technology, these things always come down in price quickly what's the story with that apple's a little different than the general technology. >> apple's different they like to raise the prices on everything here's the thing the 8, which is the phone that came out as well, it's hundreds of dollars cheaper, does a lot of the same things
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you're not going to lose out by getting the 8, and i think a lot of people, that's what they're going to do. >> you're just not going to be as cool. >> not going to look as cool in that way apple has shown a lot of great value for this new lineup you can still get the 6 and the 7. these are great values they're also cheaper. >> i can't believe this, $1,000, people are thinking, should i do the monthly installment plan should i pay one big fee is there a way you make out better >> so the lump-sum payment that you're paying up front is still the best deal in terms of you're paying the least amount of money for it if you're doing the monthly installment plan, over the term of the plan you're paying 10%, 15% more for it. at the same time, $50 a month is about what that comes to that's not terrible. a lot of people can afford that. i would recommend getting it through apple and for that monthly plan, getting the apple care that comes with it. i think that's about $50 the reason, why it's really expensive phone, you drop it, crack it -- yeah. >> it's gone. >> it's a lot of money so it's better to have that
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baked in the care plan. >> really quickly, the new phone. it's finally like the real phone. we talked about this before. the dick tracy phone. >> the dick tracy watch. >> i don't need a phone connected to it. >> you don't need a phone connected to it. i think it's cool. i think there's a specific use case a lot of runners would like it you can run with it and not have your phone with you. if you've got the air pods as well, you don't have to tetter to anything anymore. that will appeal to a lot of people. >> ed, thank you so much, it's great to see you. next "on the money," a look at the news for the week ahead what happens when you combine wine with barley and hops blech. we'll have a new taste trend, maybe. a wine and beer hybrid it even comes in a can we'll check it out
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here are the stories coming up that may impact your money this week. monday we'll see how many new hopes were started in august tuesday we'll get a read on the latest import and export prices. that's a gauge of inflation for products that are traded globally on wednesday we'll see how many existing homes were sold last month. then thursday we'll get the leading indicators, that uses data to help predict general economic conditions six months from now get ready for sweater weather. friday marks the first day of fall beer and soda have come in cans since 1961. now wine is being packaged with a pull-tab instead of a cork
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ray isle is executive wine editor of "food and wine" magazine sometimes you bring really hifalutin things, other times -- >> a little more basic this time. >> check it out. >> and the box we've got variety. >> it's all good we've been hearing more and more about this why is this a trend, this idea of wine in a can >> it took off like crazy this year the growth is up 60% in a year half of -- practically half of that is in the last 12 weeks. >> is this this for millennials? >> anywhere you can't bring glass, the beach, camping, hiking, sports events. >> next time i'm riding around i can have this. >> this is frico, which is effectively prosecco in a can. a restaurateur in boulder started making his own wines light, sparkling, apply.
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it's not quite prosecco, it's different grapes - >> it's not bad. it's got a little apple cidery thing to it. it's not the super sweet i would expect. >> that's the thing. you assume with canned stuff it's going to be sweet. >> cheap and sweet. >> in the end it's really just wine it's not bad wine. 10 bucks for four cans. >> cheap. >> these are single serving. alloy wine works is aimed at a little more male audience, i think. >> yeah, definitely. >> a steel look, so on they're one of the early adopters in the can thing. this is -- >> see, we're being fancy, taking our canned wine and putting it in a glass. >> this is a tallboy to split between two people or throw in the ice chest. >> or not. >> or drink it all yourself. it's central coast pinot noir. his background, the winemaker, andrew jones, was vineyard management management, he has
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great vineyard sources he started making wine in bottles, the way one does. now shifted to doing a lot in cans. >> i'll try it first >> i tasted this for my column - >> that's smooth. >> i would say it's a good bottle of wine - >> again, not what i would expect in a can. this is a marketing ploy just putting the stuff in the cans or is there a reason beyond that >> a couple reasons. one, again -- everything's a marketing ploy but it is also -- it addresses an audience that wants convenience in a way that bottles don't allow. it's also, honestly, ecologically friendlier, more recyclable, lower carbon footprint, light tore ship than glass. >> this is the weird one, the beer-wine. >> a riesling radler from underwood. >> riesling with >> with hops, malt, and grapefruit juice. >> i can't imagine i'll like this. >> it's a very strange thing i actually think it's tasty. i don't know what you call it. like a weer? a bine
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you've got to go for it. it's like a wine cooler that's half beer. >> it's so weird. >> it is, again, a trend they were sort of out of the gate with this, underwood th canned wine business from the start. >> so weird. it does not taste like wine or beer. >> it's somewhere in between >> the last one is in the box. we think of boxed wine as being cheap too. >> so boxed wine was the thing on the bottom shelf next to the big jugs of wine, largely garbage. there's been a shift toward the premium end of boxed wine. so this is - >> that's why it's a smaller box, not the giant box >> it's not the huge box this is a three-liter box, four bottles of wine in this. >> what? four bottles of wine, 23 bucks so it breaks down to about six bucks a bottle for wine this really is probably $10 or $12 in a bottle. >> the never-ending box of wine. >> this brand has been crazily successful i think the cabernet is a good wine you know, it's a great - >> it's not bad but my palate is
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messed up. >> it will do weird things to your palate. but barbecues, cookouts. the other nice thing about boxes -- again, this is -- >> it stays good forever. >> it has a plastic bag in there, as you pour it out, it shrinks. >> my dad used to have a box of wine for three months at a time. >> it doesn't go bad, no ox oxygen hits it. >> cheers and thank you. >> cheers. i should use the can here. cheers. >> clink clink that's the show for today. i'm becky quick. thank you so much for joining us next week the auto repair clinic that defies stereotypes in a whole lot of ways. we're talking horsepower and girl power under the hood. each week keep it right here, we're "on the money. have a great one and we'll see you next weekend
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hey there. we're live at the nasdaq market site on this expiration friday guys getting ready behind me while they're doing that, here's what's coming up in the show >> ludicrous speed, go >> tesla's shares are on fire. something in the chart suggests new highs ahead. we'll break it down. i don't live home without it >> that's because american express shares are doing something they haven't done in a while. it may spell more gains ahead. we'll show you how to profit ♪ it's a good time for the grea taste of mcdonald's ♪ >> not really.


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